A Christmas To Remember DVD -1978 Movie
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This heart tugging, made for television holiday, family drama tells the Depression Era story of a gruff Minnesota grandfather and his wife who must take in their teenage grandson for Christmas. A city kid, the youth finds it difficult to adjust to the quiet of farm living. 

It is also difficult to deal with his grandfather who treats him cruelly. Unable to stand it, the youth runs away, forcing the grandfather to deal with feelings he buried long ago. The two of them are out of their element and comfort zone, which may just be the best thing that could have happened to either of them

In time, Rusty grows up enough, under their tough care, to help his grandfather deliver a surprise gift on Christmas Eve to their community church with the help of a mysterious phantom stranger. 

A feel good, Holiday movie for all to enjoy and you may just find yourself learning something from this tale of life, family, change and embracing what really matters


Jason Robards, Eva Marie Saint, George Parry

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