Baretta DVD - Seasons 1 to 3 - 1970s TV Show
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At last, the classic 1970s detective drama series 'Baretta' is available for you to own on DVD Box Set.



Detective Anthony Vincenzo "Tony" Baretta is an unorthodox plainclothes cop (badge #609) with the 53rd precinct, who lives with Fred, his Sulphur-crested Cockatoo, in apartment 2C at the run-down King Edward Hotel in an unnamed Eastern city (presumably Newark, New Jersey).

Supporting characters include:

Billy Truman (Tom Ewell), the elderly hotel manager/house detective, who used to work with Tony’s father Louie at the 53rd Precinct.

Rooster (Michael D. Roberts), a streetwise pimp and Tony's favorite informant.

Tony's supervisors Inspector Shiller (Dana Elcar) and Lieutenant Hal Brubaker (Edward Grover).

Detective Foley (John Ward), an irritating stick-in-the-mud.

"Fats" (Chino Williams), a gravelly-voiced black detective who goes on stakeouts with Tony.

Detective Nopke (Ron Thompson), a rookie who admires Baretta‘s street smarts.

Little Moe (Angelo Rossitto), a midget shoeshine guy and informant.

Tony Baretta wore many disguises on the job. When not in disguise, Baretta wore a T-shirt, jeans and a soft cap. He often carried an unlit cigarette in his lips or behind his ear. His catchphrases included "You can take dat to the bank" and "And that‘s the name of dat tune." When exasperated he would occasionally speak in asides to his late father, Louie Baretta.

- Will play on any DVD player in any country. 100% Region-Free

- The DVD Set is in English

- This DVD set is brand new.

- Complete Baretta DVD Set containing every episode of the show from seasons 1-3.

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