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At long last, Nickelodeon's Cousin Skeeter is available on a DVD Box Set exclusively at! This DVD is available for a limited time only for fans of this classic show.

Cousin Skeeter is a comedy television show which ran on Nickelodeon from 1998 to 2003. It starred Robert Richard as Bobby, a young boy, whose life changed when his strange cousin Skeeter comes to live with his family.

With Skeeter's help, Bobby learns life lessons and tackles the general ups and downs of growing up. The show also included Meagan Good as Bobby's "girlfriend" Nina, Rondell Sheridan as Bobby's father Andre, and Angela Means as Bobby's mother Vanessa.

Skeeter is portrayed by a puppet with Bill Bellamy providing his voice. Within the show, Skeeter is treated like a regular human and no mention of him being a puppet is made.

  • The Cousin Skeeter DVD collection includes custom artwork and episode guides so you can find your favorite episode at anytime
  • The DVDs collection are formatted region free so they will play on any DVD player, DVD-ROM X-Box or PS2 Worldwide
  • The Cousin Skeeter DVD collection contains 8 of the absolutely best episodes of the show and the ultra-rare Cousin Skeeter movie "New Kids On The Planet".
  • All DVDs are presented in full screen, commercial free and unedited. Exactly the same as it was shown on Nickelodeon all those years ago!
  • Presented in English

These are brand new.

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