Earth Star Voyager DVD - 1988 TV Movie
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Earth Star Voyager  aired in two parts on ABC on The Wonderful World of Disney.  It took place in the year 2088 when Earth is on the verge of ecological collapse and preparations are being made to evacuate the human race to other planets in the galaxy.  

The ship Earth Star Voyager–manned by a young crew due to the length of the voyage–is sent to survey the planet Demeter to see if it is ripe for colonization.  But as things begin to go wrong during the journey, it becomes apparent that they are part of a conspiracy with very different plans for the ship and its crew.  


Duncan Regehr as Jacob Dryden 'Jake' Brown (Former CDR, Vanguard Explorer)

Brian McNamara as Capt. Jonathan Hays (Commander, Earth*Star Voyager)

Julia Montgomery as Dr. Sally Arthur, M.D. (Space Medicine)

Jason Michas as Jessie 'Beanie' Bienstock (Computer Sciences)

Tom Bresnahan as Huxley Welles (Navigation)

  • The Earth Star Voyager DVD includes custom artwork and DVD menu.
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