Force Five DVD Box Set - Starvengers, Grandizer, Gaiking, Danguard. Spaceketeers
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We have run out of the plastic cases for this set. It is being sent in a nice folder/binder containing all 25 discs.

 129 Full Episodes + 5 Movies

 Force Five was a syndicated anime cartoon anthology during the early 1980s. 

 It was produced by Jim Terry and his company American Way, and consisted of five imported Japanese giant robot serials (originally produced in the mid-1970s by Toei Animation) in response to the popularity of the Shogun Warriors toy collection (in fact, Mattel was one of the sponsors).

 It consisted of the following series:

- Gaiking - Dangard Ace (Planetary Robot Dangard Ace) - Starvengers (Getter Robo G) - Grandizer (UFO Robot Grendizer) - Spaceketeers (Starzinger)

In true anthology style, the five shows were broadcast simultaneously with one episode of each serial assigned a specific weekday. 

This DVD Collections Contains:

Starvengers series + movie 

Grandizer series + Movie 

Spaceketeers series + Movie 

Gaiking series + Movie 

Danguard Ace series + Movie 


- Will play on any DVD player in any country. 100% Region-Free

- The DVD Set is in English

- This DVD set is brand new.

- Complete Force Five DVD Set containing every episode of the show.

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