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At last, the 1980s classic kids movie 'The Hugga Bunch' is available on DVD. Relive some great memories with this nostalgic film.

The HUGGA BUNCH is a group of soft, huggable characters who live in Huggaland, a magical place that exists on the other side of the mirror.

They come into our world to revive our hugging senses and teach us the value of holding someone real close. Huggins, Hugsy, Tickles, Impkins, Bubbles, Precious Hugs, Patooty and Tweaker are the HUGGA BUNCH. Together with their friends, the Hugglets, they stir in us love that’s waiting to come out in a hug.

Join the HUGGA BUNCH as they answer the call of a child in distress. GENNIE JAMES, who portrayed Sally Field’s daughter in the Academy Award-winning movie “Places in the Heart”, stars as little Bridget Severson.

She’s a lonely child about to lose the only person who how to give  a real hug, her grandmother. Bridget and the HUGGA BUNCH journey to Huggaland in search of a solution that will keep Bridget’s “Grams” from leaving. Together they seek the wisdom of the Book Worm, Huggaland’s smartest character, and begin a fantastic adventure.


  • The DVD is formatted region free so it will play on any DVD player or PC DVD ROM Worldwide
  • Presented in English
  • Presented in full screen and unedited. Exactly the same as it was shown in cinemas years ago!
  • Extremely Limited Edition!!!
  • The DVD is Brand New and Sealed!

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