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The Kenny Everett Television Show is at last available on a limited edition DVD set containing all 5 series! The show was glossy, fast-edited, slickly shambolic comedy sketch shows featuring alarming characters like Marcel Wave, Sidney Snot, and Cupid Stunt.







Written by Everett along with Barry Cryer and Ray Cameron "all in the best possible taste", each show featured bizarre sketches (shopping with a tank), and musical interludes from the racy dance group Hot Gossip.

Everett had formed his unique style while working as a DJ, creating almost impossibly complicated sound jokes and jingles - a format that made him a huge, but reliably controversial hit. Frequently fired from the radio, Everett found acclaim on TV.


Kenny's Characters:

Captain Kremmen
Everett invented a daily radio superhero who was later animated by Cosgrove Hall. His original Capital Radio adventures coincided with a cocaine binge which resulted in episodes like "You remember yesterday's episode? You don't? Well, what's the point in doing this one? Stay tuned for more adventures tomorrow." DJ Mike Smith was heard on air demanding "How much are we paying for this?" - "Really embarrassing," said Everett, "And all due to my love affair with little lines of white powder."

Cupid Stunt
When the TV show moved from Thames, the BBC politely suggested renaming the character. The writers suggested Mary Hinge.

Hot Gossip
This skimpily-clad dance troupe was run by Arlene Phillips, seen recently as a Strictly Come Dancing judge. When the group was first seen on screen, their success was assured by Mary Whitehouse branding them obscene. In his autobiography, Everett writes that Thames Television allowed the group to smoke dope, so long as they stood outside the building. They duly did. In costume.

Sid Snot
The ghastly punk was slightly altered for the BBC as Gizzard Puke to avoid a legal battle with Thames.

Lionel dares
A running gag on the show featured Lionel Blair being whipped in a dungeon.

A Harty laugh
Everett once alarmed Russell Harty on his live chat show by starting an obscene poem beginning "The boy stood in the chip shop/Eating red hot scallops..." And then stopping. In the last seconds of the show he continued: "One fell down his trouser leg... And scalded his ankles." All was fine and the credits started to roll. At which point Everett yelled - "Missed his bollocks completely!"

Sid Snark
One of Everett's last jobs was in a musical version of The Hunting of the Snark.

Conservative Kenny
Kenny Everett was an enthusiastic member of the Conservative Party. At one conference he yelled "Let's nuke Russia!"

This DVD Set is brand new and sealed.

  • The Kenny Everett Television Show DVD Set includes custom artwork and episode guides so you can find your favorite episode at anytime
  • The DVDs are formatted region free so they will play on any DVD player, PC DVD-ROM, X-Box or PS2 Worldwide
  • The set includes every episode from the show's 5 season run, exactly the same as they were shown back in the day!
  • Presented in English

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