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At last, Ryan Dunn's MTV series Homewrecker has been released on a DVD Box Set. Ryan was one of the wildest members of the Jackass crew and he's in his finest form in this, his own TV show. The Ryan Dunn: Homewrecker DVD is available for a limited time only at DVDRare.com!

Homewrecker is the ultimate in anti-makeover
reality shows. Your host Ryan Dunn, one of
the wildest members of the Jackass crew,
helps an aggravated roommate get back
at their roommate, who has wronged them!

Armed with a crew of skillful and creative home
redecorators, Ryan Dunn leads the disgruntled
roommate to the land of sweet revenge by
redecorating with a malicious intent.

So if you come home and see your room covered
in hair and your most prized possessions floating
in jelly, you know you're on Homewrecker

  • The Ryan Dunn: Homewrecker DVD collection includes custom artwork and episode guides so you can find your favorite episode at anytime
  • The DVDs are formatted region free so you can watch them on any DVD player, PC DVD-ROM X-Box or Playstation Worldwide
  • The set contains every episode of Homewrecker ever made!
  • All DVDs are presented in full screen, commercial free and unedited. Exactly the same as it was shown on MTV 5 years ago!
  • Presented in English
 This DVD Set is brand new and sealed.

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