Screams of a Winter Night DVD - 1979 Movie
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Screams of a Winter Night is a unique 1979 American horror film.

Opening credits slowly unfurl over a pitch black screen. The voice of (presumably) a family can be heard. Just from their tones, it’s easily inferred that they are in some state of distress. 

They sound as if they are preparing to defend themselves against something that has invaded their home. A loud howling can be heard, starting in the distance, but growing ever closer. Is it some daemonic creature or just the distortions of the wind as it whips through the boughs of the surrounding woods? Gunshots ring out, followed by screams and the sound of something crashing into the house. 

Finally, silence...


Matt Borel  Gil Glasgow  Patrick Byers  Mary Agen Cox  Robin Bradley  Gil Glasco

  • The Screams of a Winter Night DVD includes custom artwork and DVD menu.
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