Something Is Out There DVD - TV - 1988
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When a police officer investigating a series of brutal murders questions a young woman who has been seen at the crime scenes, it turns out she is from an interstellar prison ship and that the murders have been committed by an escaped alien prisoner.

After they join forces to defeat the alien killer, her spaceship is destroyed and she is stranded on Earth, where she helps him on his cases while searching for a way to contact her people. 

Starring: Joe Cortese, Maryam d'Abo and Gregory Sierra 

Miniseries (4 hours) 

Don't Look Back 
In His Own Image 
Night of the Visitors 
A Message From Mr. Cool 
Good Psychics Are Hard to Come By 
A Hearse of Another Color 
The Keeper 

  • The Something is Out There DVD Set includes custom artwork and episode guides so you can easily find your favorite episode at anytime
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