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At last, the innovative and funny 1999 NBC comedy-series 'Stark Raving Mad' is available on a DVD Box Set containing every episode ever made! The show stars Neil Patrick Harris and the DVD is available exclusively at and is extremely limited edition!

Type A obsessive met nut case in this oil-and-water sitcom. Henry ( Neil Patrick Harris) was a fastidious, germophobic book editor who was constantly rubbing his hands with an antiseptic; he had been assigned by his publisher to look after eccentric horror writer Ian ( Tony Shalhoub), whose first book, Below Ground, had been a best seller but who was facing writer's block in producing a second.

Ian was the kind who cleaned his teeth with a sword and loved staging dark and scary practical jokes, particularly on jittery Henry. Jake ( Eddie McClintock) was Ian's dazed assistant, and Maddie ( Heather Paige Kent) the sensible barkeep in the restaurant below Ian's big New York loft, where he sometimes sang in a rock band. Tess (Dorie Barton) was Henry's girlfriend. Edgar the hyperractive dog was played by "Marty."

On January 10, 2000 the sitcom won a People's Choice Award for Favorite New Television Comedy Series. The sitcom premiered on September 23, 1999 and was officially cancelled by NBC on April 15, 2000.

In some countries the series was renamed: Stark, loco de atar (Spain), Männer ohne Nerven (Germany), Splitter Pine Gal (Norway), Kreisi kynäniekka (Finland) and "En förläggares mardröm" (Sweden).


    Tony Shalhoub as Ian Stark
    Neil Patrick Harris as Henry McNeeley
    Eddie McClintock as Jake Donovan
    Dorie Barton as Tess Farraday
    Heather Paige Kent as Margaret 'Maddie' Keller

  • The Stark Raving Mad DVD collection includes custom episode guides so you can find your favorite episode at anytime
  • The DVDs are formatted region free so you can watch them on any DVD player, DVD-ROM X-Box or Playstation Worldwide
  • All DVDs are presented in full screen and unedited. Every episode is exactly the same as they were shown on TV!
  • Presented in English
 This DVD Set is brand new and sealed.

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