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The Haunted is a 1991 haunted house film directed by Robert Mandel and starring Sally Kirkland who received a Golden Globe nomination for her performance.[1] The film depicts the events surrounding the Smurl haunting.

The Haunted is based on a story that was quite controversial at the time and put  ghosts in the mainstream news.   

It describes the “true story” of evil spirits that were haunting the Smurl family in Pennsylvania from 1974-1989.   

It also happens to involve Ed and Lorraine Warren, paranormal investigators that were involved in the Amityville haunting, and several other more high profile hauntings that other movies have been make of like A Haunting in Connecticut and more recently, The Conjuring.


Sally Kirkland as Janet Smurl

Jeffrey DeMunn as Jack Smurl

Louise Latham as Mary Smurl

George D. Wallace as John Smurl

Joyce Van Patten as Cora Miller

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