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 Every episode of Timecop


Timecop was a 1997 TV series based on the Jean-Claude Van Damme movie of the same name, and now you've got the chance to relive this memorable series with the Timecop DVD Box Set.


The series featured an all-new cast and characters. The show focused on TEC agent Jack Logan who hunts down rogue time travelers and brings them to justice before they can alter the past.


Ted King as Officer Jack Logan

Don Stark as Eugene Matuzek

Cristi Conaway as Officer Caire Hemmings

Kurt Fuller as Dr. Dale Easter

The series featured a number of fictionalized historical figures:

Ron Livingston as Elliot Ness

John Kapelos as Al Capone

Matthew Huffman as Young H.G. Wells

Tony Papenfuss as Adolf Hitler

Robert Ayers as General Ulysses S. Grant

Drew Bell as Young Jack Logan


1. A Rip in Time (9/22/1997)

2. The Heist (9/29/1997)

3. Stalker (10/6/1997)

4. Public Enemy (10/13/1997)

5. Rocket Science (10/20/1997)

6. Alternate World (6/20/1998)

7. Lost Voyage (6/27/1998)

8. D.O.A. (7/11/1998)

9. The Future, Jack, The Future (7/18/1998)

-Presented in English

-Brand new

-Contains every episode of Timecop

-Region Free - The Timecop TV Show DVD set will play on any DVD player worldwide

-Order now and relive your nostalgic memories of this classic show

This set no longer comes in a plastic case. It now comes in DVD sleeves.

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