Truly Madly Deeply DVD - 1990 Alan Rickman FIlm
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Nina, an interpreter, is beside herself with grief at the recent death of her boyfriend, Jamie, a cellist. When she is on the verge of despair, Jamie reappears as a "ghost" and the couple are reconciled. The screenplay never clarifies whether this occurs in reality, or merely in Nina's imagination. Nina is ecstatic, but Jamie's behaviour – turning up the central heating to stifling levels, moving furniture around and inviting back "ghost friends" to watch videos – gradually infuriates her, and their relationship deteriorates. 

She meets Mark (Michael Maloney), a psychologist, to whom she is attracted, but she is unwilling to become involved with him because of Jamie's continued presence. 

Nina continues to love Jamie but is conflicted by his self-centred behaviour and ultimately wonders out loud, "Was it always like this?"


Juliet Stevenson as Nina

Alan Rickman as Jamie

Jenny Howe as Burge

Carolyn Choa as Translator

Bill Paterson as Sandy

Christopher Rozycki as Titus

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