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Vanishing Son was an epic tale about a young man Jian Wa and his brother Waigo. The brothers were freedom fighters from China who fought their way to the United States in search of a better life.

This DVD Set Contains:

Every Episode 

All 4 Films 


In China, the history teacher and violinist Jian-Wa Chang is a quiet man that lives with his father and his younger brother Wago Chang, who is a college student and political activist with his girlfriend Lili. 

One day, Wago gets in trouble during a protest and Jian-Wa is forced to help him against the government army. They need to flee from China and they head to the United States. They are stowaways in a fishing vessel but they are arrested by the police and meet the Vietnamese gangster Fu Qua Johnson in the cell. 

Jian-Wa and Wago get political asylum and are released from jail; however the job promised by Fu Qua is for gangster in his gang. Jian-Wa seeks for a honest job despite the difficulties, but Wago prefers to join the Vietnamese gang becoming a prominent gangster. Meanwhile Jian-Wa meets the musician Clair Armstrong and they fall in love with each other. But the blood ties of Jian-Wa with Wago are strong and he feels that his brother needs his support.


Russell Wong as Jian-Wa Chang

Chi Muoi Lo as Wago Chang

Stephanie Niznik as Agent Judith Phillips

Jason Adams as Dan Sandler

- Will play on any DVD player in any country. 100% Region-Free

- The DVD Set is in English

- This DVD set is brand new and factory sealed

- Complete Vanishing Son DVD containing every episode of the show and the 4 movies.

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