Adderly DVD - 1986 TV Show - V.H. Adderly - Winston Rekert


Adderly is a Canadian television drama series, first aired in 1986. Adderly is based on series creator Elliott Baker's novel, Pocock & Pitt.
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V.H. Adderly (Rekert) is a secret agent for an organization known as the I.S.I (International Security and Intelligence). While on a mission in East Germany, Adderly lost the use of his left hand when an enemy agent, Victor Barinov, crushed it with a medieval mace during an interrogation. Not considered useful any longer by the powers that be, Adderly was reassigned to Miscellaneous Affairs, where he regularly went above and beyond his mundane duties to uncover dread plots that the larger organization overlooked.

Miscellaneous Affairs is run by the prissy but lovable Melville Greenspan (Welsh), a man totally devoted to his bureaucracy and unwilling to allow Adderly the freedom to pursue his outside interests. The only other staff member is Mona Ellerby (Seatle). Mona is the obviously over-qualified secretary to Greenspan, addicted to adventure and romance novels. Greenspan's superior is Major Jonathan B. Clack (Pogue). Major Clack is in charge of the I.S.I. as a whole, and is the only person who could have Adderly reassigned to active field operations.

Through the course of the series, Adderly repeatedly demonstrated his ability to perform the duties of an active field agent, frequently saving the life of Major Clack himself.


Winston Rekert as V.H. (Virgil Homer) Adderly
Jonathan Welsh as Melville Greenspan
Dixie Seatle as Mona Ellerby
Ken Pogue as Major Jonathan B. Clack

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