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Shipping times at the moment are a bit erratic, shipping companies are short staffed in various countries/states, obviously due to illness and/or isolation due to the current situation.

Please be assured your item has shipped when we say it has, our normal shipping guide is 5-15 business/working days from the UK, however in many cases it is taking longer than this. Every time we have a customer complaining about the waiting time for their order after the 15 business days, and we send a replacement, more often than not the 1st one shows up a day or 2 later.

When you buy, we will make sure your order is shipped in a timely manner, then we are at the mercy of the shipping companies to get your order to you, if you intend ordering and you can't wait, it may be best to wait until this crisis is over before you make your purchase.

I am sorry for any inconvenience caused at this time.