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A compelling four-part series from the BBC that explores the phenomenon that surrounds and affects nearly every aspect of our lives but one which we take for granted: light.


Light Fantastic is narrated by Cambridge scholar Simon Schaffer, who explains the fundamental point de depart of this enlightening series: "Unlike some science writing and broadcasting which explains the roots of where we are now, this series is about understanding the roots of where we were. In other words, the past of the sciences is presented on its own terms, showing the significance of forces like theology, culture and economic development on the development of ideas.

To imagine there have always been scientists is very misleading - before the 19th century no one calls themselves a scientist, they don't cut up the world like that. I look at the preoccupations of the clergymen, medics, industrialists, engineers and professors responsible for the breakthroughs.

The four episodes include:
Light Fantastic - Let There Be Light
Light Fantastic - The Light of Reason
Light Fantastic - The Stuff of Light
Light, The Universe and Everything


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