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At last, the classic 1980s comedy series 'Perfect Strangers' is available on a DVD Box Set containing every episode of the show from seasons 3 to 8! The show stars Bronson Pinchot and Mark Linn-Baker and the DVD is available exclusively at for a limited time only!

Perfect Strangers debuted to high ratings and critical praise in March 1986. Comfortably nestled between Who's The Boss and Moonlighting on ABC's Tuesday night lineup while Growing Pains took a break, Perfect Strangers was hailed by critics as a refreshing blend of witty humor and slapstick delivery. Co-stars Mark Linn-Baker (Larry Appleton) and Bronson Pinchot (Balki Bartokomous) were lauded for their unmatched chemistry and comic talent. Comic legend Lucille Ball called it her favorite comedy.

The show returned in the fall of 1986 on Wednesday nights paired with Head Of The Class, and continued to win its time slot. (It would be at least another two years before Perfect Strangers would become the centerpiece of ABC's TGIF Friday night lineup.)

The new DVD box set from DVDRare, containing every episode from seasons 3-8of the hit series, allows longtime fans and newcomers alike to rediscover this wonderful, often overlooked sitcom gem from the 1980s. The premise of the series is simple and attractive. At the start of the pilot episode, Larry had just moved from his crowded childhood home in Madison, Wisconsin, to an apartment in Chicago, where he planned to make it as a photojournalist.

To pay his bills, he found a job working at a discount store for the heartless Mr. Twinkacetti. One evening, a distant cousin shows up at his door, bearing his possessions in a box mislabeled "America or Burst." Balki has made his way from the Mediterranean island country of Mypos to start a new life in America. Unfortunately, there aren't many jobs in Chicago for sheepherders, so Larry lets Balki move in with him until he can get settled.

Balki innocently sees America through a scattered and chaotic series of images and slogans he has picked up along the way. "America, land of my dreams, home of the Whopper!" he exclaims. When he finds out he is in debt, Balki proudly asserts "now I am a true American." He may not realize that groveling is not the proper way to pick up American women, but he is a virtual encyclopedia of references to stars from Telly Savalas to Bo Derek. And then there's his weakness for Wayne Newton, the most popular singer on Mypos.

Larry views himself as the person to educate the naive but big-hearted Balki in the complex ways of American life. In various episodes, Larry attempts to teach his cousin about everything from dating and opening a checking account to driving a car and joining a "healthy club." But Larry is not as schooled in the ways of life as he likes to portray himself. When Larry's big ideas inevitably lead to chaos, it is often Balki that gives Larry a useful nugget of wisdom. This is the true strength of the show - for all the talk of Perfect Strangers being about a zany immigrant, the show is at its core about two people from different backgrounds who become inseparable when they discover how much they really need each other.

  • The Perfect Strangers DVD collection includes custom episode guides so you can find your favorite episode at anytime
  • The DVDs are formatted region free so you can watch them on any DVD player, DVD-ROM X-Box or Playstation Worldwide
  • All DVDs are presented in full screen and unedited. Every episode of Perfect Strangers Seasons 3-8 is included and they're exactly the same as they were shown on TV!
  • Presented in English
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