Pepper Ann DVD Box Set - Seasons 1-5 - Disney
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Finally, Disney's classic cartoon series 'Pepper Ann' has been released on a limited edition DVD set containing all your favourite episodes from all 5 seasons of the show!



The show centers on the titular character, Pepper Ann Pearson, a 12-year-old girl whose emotions come out in fantasies. The show was designed to be a "different sort" of girl's cartoon, and features many strong-willed female characters who aggressively reject the idea of passive femininity. 

Pepper Ann's best friends are Milo Kamalani, a very eccentric, highly dramatic artist; and Nicky Little, a soft-spoken, overachieving aspiring violinist. Other fellow students at Hazelnut Middle School include rich and spoiled Trinket, German boy Dieter Liederhosen, popular airhead Cissy, gossipy twins Tessa and Vanessa, Nicky's boyfriend, the "nerd" Stewart Walldinger, and the cool 8th-grader, Craig Bean.


  • The Pepper Ann DVD collection includes custom artwork and episode guides so you can find your favorite episode at anytime

  • The DVDs are formatted region free so you can watch them on any DVD player, DVD-ROM X-Box or Playstation Worldwide

  • The set contains 40 complete episodes from Seasons 1-5 of the show, this means more episodes than any other DVD Set available online!

  • All DVDs are presented in full screen, commercial free and unedited. Exactly the same as it was shown on the Disney Channel in the 90s!

  • Presented in English

 This DVD Set is brand new and sealed.