Bakersfield P.D. DVD - 1993 - TV Sitcom Fox
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+ is proud to present the release of the classic TV series Bakersfield PD on DVD. This DVD Box Set contains every episode of the show ever made, and is available for a limited time only!




Bakersfield P.D. is a American television comedy series that aired on the Fox network in 1993-94.

The show was based in the police department of the city of Bakersfield, California. It was shot with naturalistic lighting and without a laugh track. Fox canceled the show after one season, citing low ratings.

The cable channel Trio reran the show under its "Brilliant But Cancelled" umbrella.


Paul Gigante leaves the FBI to be a detective for the rural Bakersfield, California P.D. But the sophisticated Gigante (Giancarlo Esposito, Do the Right Thing (1989)) has more trouble trading opera for the Bakersfield Sound, than he imagined. To his bored fellow officers, especially not-so-good old boy Denny Boyer ('Chris Mulkey' of "Twin Peaks" (1990)), the professional, dedicated city slicker's way harder to figure out than even the most diabolical cow-napping.


  • Giancarlo Esposito as Det. Paul Gigante
  • Ron Eldard as Det. Wade Preston
  • Chris Mulkey as Denny Boyer
  • Tony Plana as Luke Ramirez


  • The Bakersfield PD DVD is a box set as shown above, all 100% in chronological order from the pilot to the finale
  • The DVD set also includes custom artwork and episode guides so you can find your favorite episode at anytime
  • The DVD collection is formatted region free so they will play on any DVD player, PC DVD-ROM, X-Box or PS2 Worldwide
  • All DVDs are presented in full screen. Exactly the same as it was shown in American television.
  • Presented in English
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