Fresno DVD - 1986 Mini-Series - Carol Burnett
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Fresno is a 1986 television comedy miniseries that parodied popular prime time soap operas of the day such as Falcon Crest, Dallas, and Dynasty. Starring Carol Burnett and Dabney Coleman, it chronicles the struggle of matriarch Charlotte Kensington (Burnett) to keep control of her dysfunctional family and declining raisin empire.


Set in Fresno, California, the story focuses on the once-wealthy Kensington family, whose raisin-growing empire has fallen on hard times. The Kensingtons are led by widowed matriarch Charlotte (Burnett), who is locked in a deadly power struggle with rival raisin magnate Tyler Cane (Coleman).

Parodying elements from other prime time soap operas of the era, Fresno centers on the ruthless battle between the Kensingtons and Tyler Cane for domination of the Fresno raisin industry, and follows the marital conflict between Charlotte's scheming son Cane (Grodin) and his bitchy wife Talon (Garr), the travails of Charlotte's "sensitive" younger son Kevin (Heald), who at one point announces that he is becoming celibate as a protest against whaling, the appearance of a mysterious, perpetually-shirtless ranch hand named Torch (Harrision), and the gradual exposure of Byzantine hidden relationships between the main characters sparked by the quest by Charlotte's supposedly adopted daughter Tiffany to find her real parents. As the story reaches is climax, it is revealed that Tiffany is in fact Charlotte's biological daughter, fathered by her mother's arch-rival Tyler shortly after Charlotte's husband's had died in a tragic raisin dehydrator accident.


Carol Burnett - Charlotte Kensington
Dabney Coleman - Tyler Cane
Gregory Harrison - Torch
Teri Garr - Talon Kensington
Charles Grodin - Cane Kensington
Luis Avalos - Juan
Pat Corley - Earl Duke
Valerie Mahaffey - Tiffany Kensington
Anthony Heald - Kevin Kensington
Teresa Ganzel - Bobbi Jo Bobb
Bill Paxton - Billy Joe Bobb
Jerry Van Dyke - Tucker Agajanian
Charles Keating - Charles

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