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Gemini Man is an American action/adventure drama series that aired on NBC in 1976 and was based on the H. G. Wells science fiction novel, The Invisible Man.

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The series stars Ben Murphy as secret agent Sam Casey, who was injured in a diving accident which rendered him invisible. The agency, called INTERSECT, found a way to control his invisibility by the use of a wrist watch, referred to as a "DNA stabilizer". Pressing a button on the watch would make him invisible, which was a helpful tool in his line of work. He could however, only do this for 15 minutes per day or else he would become permanently invisible.

A pilot of the series aired on May 10, 1976, and the series began airing on September 23 of that year. Although 11 episodes were produced, only five were aired in the United States before the cancellation of the show although the entire series was seen in Britain. Richard Dysart played Leonard Driscoll in the pilot, and William Sylvester played Driscoll during the series.


  1. 2-Hour long Pilot Episode
  2. Smithereens (September 23, 1976)
  3. Minotaur (September 30, 1976)
  4. Sam Casey, Sam Casey (October 7, 1976)
  5. Night Train to Dallas (October 14, 1976)
  6. Run Sam, Run (October 28, 1976)
  7. Escape Hatch (Unaired)
  8. 8, 9, 10... You're Dead (Unaired)
  9. Targets (Unaired)
  10. Suspect Your Local Police (Unaired)
  11. Buffalo Bill Rides Again (Unaired_
  12. Return of the Lion (Unaired)


Ben Murphy ... Sam Casey
Katherine Crawford ... Abby Lawrence
William Sylvester ... Leonard Driscoll
Quinn K. Redeker ... Brighton
Jim Stafford ... 'Buffalo' Bill Joe Hickens
Cheryl Miller ... Girl

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