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At last, the critically praised 1998 BBC childrens drama series 'Children of the New Forest' is available on DVD. This DVD Set contains every episode from the series exactly as it was shown all those years ago and is available for a limited time only!

Adapted from the classic adventure book for children, Children of the New Forest is an exciting tale set in the turmoil of the English Civil War in the 17th Century. In the New Forest, the four Beverly children, Edward, Alice, Humphrey, and little Edith are orphaned when their father is killed in a battle by the Roundheads.

Forced into hiding with Jacob Armitage, an old forester who lives in a cottage deep in the woods, they learn to live as best they can. Pursued by the evil Abel Corbould and his Roundhead army, the children must fight and help save Charles Stuart, King of England from the clutches of his enemies.

This highly acclaimed TV series can now be enjoyed by the whole family again and again on this DVD containing all 6 episodes of the series.

Episode 1

Where is Edward Highkeeper Of The King's Forest Master Armitage On The Run

Episode 2

Jacob's House Oswald Partridge Miss Patience Visitors

Episode 3

Lead On Brother Going For A Ride Who Is He? Our King's Ransom

Episode 4

We Are On Our Own At Oswald's Fire Captured

Episode 5

Marked Man Clara The Box The Letter

Episode 6

The Plan Kings Mill Arrival Of The King Come Back To Us


  • The DVD collection is formatted region free so it will play on any DVD player, PC DVD-ROM X-Box or PS2 Worldwide
  • Unedited and exactly the same as shown on the BBC back in the day!
  • Presented in English�
  •  Brand new and sealed.