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We are proud to present the unforgettable 1996 drama show 'Savannah' on DVD. This 8-disc DVD Set contains every episode of Savannah ever made, and it's exclusively available at for a limited time only!


Set in the southern city of Savannah, Georgia, the series revolves around three female friends: naive rich girl Reese, noble Lane and scheming bad girl Peyton. Lane McKenzie had left Savannah after graduating from college to become a successful journalist in New York City; she returns for the wedding of her childhood best friend, Reese Burton, who is marrying Travis Peterson.

Finding out that her apartment in New York has been burglarized, Lane tries to collect on an inheritance, only to find out that Travis has stolen every last penny of it. Reese finds out that Travis has been having an affair with a girl he calls "Bunny" and is devastated; the other woman is secretly Peyton, daughter of the Burton family maid and Reese's so-called friend in fact Peyton envies Reese's wealth and is keen to marry for money.

Travis is soon found dead, and the first season revolves around the whodunit murder mystery and subsequent court case. There is also considerable intrigue surrounding the identity of Peyton's father (who turns out to be Reese's father, Edward, making Peyton and Reese sisters) as well as the machinations of Tom Massick, a stranger in town with a score to settle.

Reese was played by blonde daytime soap actress Shannon Sturges, brunette Robyn Lively played Lane and Peyton was portrayed by auburn-haired Jamie Luner, who would later appear as a vixen on Spelling's hit 1990s soap opera, Melrose Place.

African-American actress Alexia Robinson was added to the cast in its second season as Cassandra 'Cassie' Wheeler, a longtime friend of the three other women.


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