Undercover Christmas DVD - 2003 Movie
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Undercover Christmas is a 2003 American Canadian television film directed by Nadia Tass.

Plot summary

Jake Cunningham (Shawn Christian) is an uptight FBI agent assigned to protect Brandi O'Neill (Jami Gertz), a lower-class cocktail waitress who recently helped with the tax fraud investigation of her billionaire boyfriend. When Jake's wealthy parents (Tyne Daly and Winston Rekert) unexpectedly call him home for the holidays, Jake must bring Brandi with him in order to keep her safe prior to the trial. They pose as a couple in order to keep the proceedings a secret until the court date. The Cunninghams disapprove of the match but begin to accept Jake's "girlfriend" just as Jake and Brandi are truly becoming a couple. Brandi testifies against her former boyfriend. The movie ends as Brandi introduces Jake, her new love, to her mother.


Jami Gertz - Brandi O'Neil

Shawn Christian - Jake Cunningham

Tyne Daly - Anne Cunningham

Winston Rekert - Joe Cunningham

Anne Hawthorne - Stefanie Cunningham

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