Last of the Dogmen DVD - 1995 Movie
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Last of the Dogmen is an unforgettable 1995 American Western adventure film written and directed by Tab Murphy, and starring Tom Berenger and Barbara Hershey. 

In this adventure, set in the wilds of Montana, mountain man Lewis Gates - who tracks escaped convicts into a remote region and encounters a band of Dog Soldiers from a tribe of Indians -  goes on a routine manhunt and finds himself embroiled in solving the mysterious disappearance of three murderous fugitives. Traveling deep into the wilderness, Lewis discovers an ancient Cheyenne village hidden behind a strange waterfall.

Set in the mountains of northwest Montana, near the Idaho and Canadian borders, 

The film was shot on location in Alberta and British Columbia, Canada, as well as in Mexico.


Tom Berenger as Lewis Gates

Barbara Hershey as Prof. Lillian Diane ("L.D.") Sloan

Kurtwood Smith as Sheriff Deegan

Steve Reevis as Yellow Wolf

Andrew Miller as Briggs

Gregory Scott Cummins as Sears

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