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Complete your Wiseguy collection with The Dead Dog story-line from season 2 of Wiseguy. As-aired, totally uncut, and with all original music. 

Upon his recovery, Vinnie's next assignment took him into the music business, where he dealt with music impresario Isaac Twine (Paul Winfield) and his wife Amber (Patti D'Arbanville). 

He was set up as a new executive in a front company, "Dead Dog Records", which was originally created by the Drug Enforcement Administration, who offered it to the OCB when their investigation ended. Vinnie then attempted to infiltrate the music industry in search of corruption. The principal villain of this arc is English record mogul Winston Newquay (pronounced Noo-kway in the show, rather than Nyoo-key in the English fashion). Newquay, played by Tim Curry, ruthlessly cheats the artists under his control, funneling their money into his own companies while hiding his activities with accounting tricks.

Debbie Harry, Deidre Hall and Glenn Frey also appear during this story arc. In 1993, Chicago rock band The Lilacs put out a record called Penelope on a label called Dead Dog Records in homage to the show.


35 Dead Dog Lives

36 And it Comes Out Here

37 The Rip-Off Stick

38 High Dollar Bop

39 Hip Hop on the Gravy Train

40 The One that Got Away

41 Living and Dying in 4/4 Time

42 Call it Casaba

  • The Wiseguy: Dead Dog Records DVD Set includes custom artwork and DVD menu.
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  • This set no longer comes in a plastic case. It now comes in 3DVD sleeves.