Dark Victory  DVD - 1976 Movie
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This movie is an adaptation of George Brewer Jr. and Bertram Block's play Dark Victory. The always beautiful and talented Elizabeth Montgomery gives it her all playing a TV Producer stricken with a brain tumor. 

Liz plays a woman so consumed by her job that she ignores her personal life as well as her health. She ignores all the symptoms of her impending illness until she finally collapses at a cocktail party and falls down a few stairs. 

Once in the hospital, she meets a doctor (Anthony Hopkins in an early role) who diagnoses her condition and eventually falls in love with her. Liz goes through all the emotions of dealing with her illness, surprise, frustration, anger, and also trying to deal with her love for a man who knows their time together is limited. Terrific acting in this great rework of the 1939 classic. 

CAST: Elizabeth Montgomery, Anthony Hopkins, Michele Lee, Michael Lerner and Vic Tayback 

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