McCloud DVD - Complete Set - Seasons 1-7
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The McCloud TV show was a crime action series on NBC that aired for 60 minutes during the first season, 90 minutes during seasons 2-4 and 7, and for 2 hours during seasons 5 and 6. 

It was about a country Marshall from New Mexico who escorted a local criminal to New York City. He got involved in a murder case and was ultimately assigned to stay in New York in order to learn the latest methods of law enforcement. 


Seasons 1 - 7

45 Full Episodes

TV Movie

His big city counterparts looked down on the country boy and also resented how he always managed to catch criminals that they couldn't apprehend! McCloud proved that you can find brains underneath a cowboy hat!

McCloud Cast

Dennis Weaver ........ Deputy Marshal Sam McCloud

J.D. Cannon .......... Chief Peter B. Clifford

Diana Muldaur ........ Chris Coughlin

Terry Carter ......... Sargeant Joe Broadhurst

Ken Lynch ............ Sargeant Grover

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