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At last, the unique Wes Craven series 'Nightmare Cafe' is available for you to own on DVD.

A mysterious and mystical all-night cafe gives second chances to deserving people. It's staffed by Fay and Frank, two people who made bad choices in life and whose paths crossed with the cafe in the first episode. There's also Blackie, another enigmatic figure who has been working with the cafe longer. 

Together, the three use the powers over time and space that the cafe grants them to help the worthy and punish the evil, just as they themselves have been helped. First seen on a darkened dock, the cafe would eventually begin transporting itself to different locations wherever it was needed. This 1993 effort by noted horror director Wes Craven was short-lived, canceled after only six episodes. 

It was Robert Englund's first role after he finished his run as Freddie Krueger in the Nightmare on Elm Street series of motion pictures (although he would revisit that role one last time a decade later).


Robert Englund

Jack Coleman

Lindsay Frost

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- Complete Nightmare Cafe DVD Box Set containing every episode of the show.