Wildside DVD Box Set - 1980s TV - Meg Ryan
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Unique TV show about a secret law enforcement group in Wildside County, California in the Old West. The five are Brodie and Sutton Hollister, Bannister Sparks, Varges De La Cosa and Prometheus Jones. Their job is to eliminate the various villians in the area

Wildside! Just be glad they are on your side!

A group of Vigilantes take the law into their own hands to preserve the peace in a lawless land.

This show was about The Chamber of Commerce of Wildside County, California as they called themselves, a group of five men, Brodie Hollister (William Smith), Sutton Hollister (J. Eddie Peck), Bannister Sparks (Howard E. Rollins Jr.), Vargas De La Cosa (John D’Aquino) and Prometheus Jones (Terry Funk). They would keep the town safe from trouble. 


William Smith 

J. Eddie Peck 

Howard E. Rollins Jr 

John Di Aquino

Terry Funk

Meg Ryan 

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- The DVD Set is in English

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- Complete Wildside DVD Box Set containing every episode of the show.