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Makino Tsukushi is a student at the prestigious Eitoku high school. Famous for its beautiful and wealthy students, Tsukushi is extremely out-of-place. Although her impressive grades earned her a place in this school of excellence, the Makino family is on the lower end of the socio-economic scale. 

She has managed to steer clear of any harassment so far, but her tolerance of the bullying of fellow students wears thin quickly--and she takes it out on spoiled rich brat Doumyouji Tsukasa, the leader of the pretty-boy group the F4--the richest, handsomest, and cruelest guys in school. The group declares war on Tsukushi, and of course, the rest of the school follows suit. Tsukushi has no idea how deep her troubles are going to be...

- Will play on any DVD player in any country. 100% Region-Free

- The DVD Set is in English

- This DVD set is brand new and factory sealed

- Complete Boys Over Flowers DVD Box Set containing every episode of the show.