To Dance with Olivia DVD - 1997 Movie
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In 1961, black attorney Daniel Stewart (Louis Gossett, Jr.) is asked to defend Ranse Shipley, a local farmer. Ranse is accused in the shooting of Oscar Henley, the young son of white Congressman Horace Henley (Joe Don Baker). 

Oscar was wounded by a rifle that Ranse had rigged in his garden to kill deer that were ravaging his crops. The case hits close to home for Stewart. His wife Olivia (Lonette McKee) lingers in the throes of a three-year depression over the shooting death of their own son, Danny, who was Oscar’s best friend. Stewart is thus reluctant to take the case at first. His conscience, however, compels him to aid the beleaguered farmer. 


 Louis Gossett Jr., Joe Don Baker, Kathryne Dora Brown

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