Science Fiction shows on DVD.

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Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction DVD - Seasons 1-4 - Set

  We are proud to present the classic paranormal TV show 'Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction..

$97.95 Ex Tax: $97.95

Salvage 1 DVD Box Set - Complete - Seasons 1 & 2

We are proud to present the classic science-fiction TV show 'Salvage 1' on DVD. This DVD Set contain..

$67.95 Ex Tax: $67.95

Space Cases DVD - Nickelodeon - Complete Seasons 1&2

Space Cases is a classic Nickelodeon sci-fi TV series which aired in 1996 for 2 seasons, and gaine..

$67.99 Ex Tax: $67.99

Special Unit 2 DVD - (2001) TV Show - Complete is proud to present the release of the groundbreaking TV series Special Unit 2 on DVD...

$65.99 Ex Tax: $65.99

The Highwayman DVD - TV Show - Sam J Jones

After 29 years, The Highwayman has been reased on DVD exclusively at!This 4 disc DVD set..

$58.99 Ex Tax: $58.99

Earth Star Voyager DVD - 1988 TV Movie

Earth Star Voyager  aired in two parts on ABC on The Wonderful World of Disney.  It took p..

$40.95 Ex Tax: $40.95

Forbidden Science DVD - 2009 TV Show

 Sci-fi is sexy in this late-night offering from Cinemax. Set in the future, this series focuse..

$47.95 Ex Tax: $47.95

Goliath Awaits DVD - 1981 Movie - Christopher Lee

Goliath Awaits was a 1981 prime time extravaganza starring Christopher Lee, Robert Forster, Mark Har..

$41.95 Ex Tax: $41.95

Outlaws DVD - TV Show - 1986

A sheriff and four desperadoes are transported from 1899 Texas to 1986 Houston, where they adjust to..

$49.95 Ex Tax: $49.95

Project Metalbeast DVD - 1995 Movie

"A highly secretive DNA experiment to create the ultimate warrior, creates the ultimate nightmare."P..

$41.95 Ex Tax: $41.95

Something Is Out There DVD - TV - 1988

When a police officer investigating a series of brutal murders questions a young woman who has been ..

$42.95 Ex Tax: $42.95

Space Island One - Series 1 & 2 - TV Show

Space Island One (or Raumstation Unity in German) is a British/German science fiction television ser..

$56.95 Ex Tax: $56.95

Starship: Lorca and the Outlaws DVD - 1984 Film

Starship (a.k.a. 2084 / Lorca and the Outlaws / The Outlaws and the Starship Redwing)This is a Multi..

$41.99 Ex Tax: $41.99

The Cape DVD Box Set - 1990s TV - NASA

The Cape told the story of select members of the NASA Astronaut Corps at the Kennedy Space Center in..

$47.95 Ex Tax: $47.95

The Fantastic Journey DVD - 1977 TV Show - Complete

CONTAINS:Every Episode of The Fantastic JourneyOriginally titled The Incredible Island, this rare Br..

$56.95 Ex Tax: $56.95