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At last, the innovative and funny 90s Nickelodeon comedy-series 'Renford Rejects' is available on a DVD Box Set containing every episode ever made! The show was Nick's first ever UK production and the DVD is available exclusively at and is extremely limited edition!




Renford Rejects is a TV teen situation comedy produced by Nickelodeon UK and aired for four seasons from February 1998 to March 2001. If you are a fan of the show, you may be interested to find out where to buy the DVDs. This article will thus focus on those places to find the DVDs.

About the show

Renford Rejects is a television comedy about the fortunes of a high school 5-a-side football team. The team members all have something in common. Neither of them were considered good enough to make the school's first team, so they decide to form a rival.

Cast and characters

  • Martina Delaney - As Jason Summerbee, Delaney plays the self-confident Renford Rejects team captain with dreams of making it big.
  • Paul Harris - Harris played Bruno di Gradi (or Barry Grade), an Englishman who believed that he was an Italian superstar.
  • Charlie Rolland - Rolland is Ben Phillips, the team's short-sighted nerdy goalkeeper.
  • Roger Davies - As Vinnie Rodriguez, Davies plays a boy aspiring to be the next legendary sports commentator.
  • Alex Norton - Norton plays Eddie McAvoy, owner of the local cafe Graceland and later, the teams coach.

Tom Weller - Weller stars as Terry Stoker, captain of rival team the Razors and responsible for inventing the name Renford Rejects.

Guest appearances

Throughout the four seasons, the show became synonymous with guest appearances from famous footballers, both past and present. Such names included Gianfranco Zola, Harry Redknapp, Ian Rush and John Terry.



  • The Renford Rejects DVD collection is a box set as shown above, all episodes are organized from pilot to finale.
  • The DVD collection includes custom artwork and episode guides so you can find your favorite episode at anytime
  • The DVDs collection are formatted region free so they will play on any DVD player, DVD-ROM X-Box or PS2 Worldwide
  • All DVDs are presented in full screen, exactly the same as it was broadcast on television.
  • Presented in English