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This movie is about a little girl who makes a wish to Santa and Santa works to make it come true many years later as she is an adult. 

When Melanie was a little girl she watched how her parents loved each other. One night upon hearing her mother call her father “her prince charming,” Melanie asks Santa to one day have her very own Prince charming.

Not thinking much of that letter, Melanie grows up to run her own bakery and is dating Justin, a handsome, young CEO.  Throughout the beginning part of the film, you see Justin’s loyal best friend and assistant Dean, spend more time with Melanie than Justin, filling in when he is late or can not make it.

Melanie finds herself spending more time with Dean (Adam Mayfield), who just might be harboring a secret crush on her. When complications arise that throw Melanie and Dean together over the holiday, will the two realize they're meant to be?

Starring- Lacey Chabert, Florence Henderson, John Ratzenberger, Adam Mayfield

Premiered Date- November 17th, 2012

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